The High Cost of Living – It starts with an accident

On a cold winter season night, Henry makes an incorrect turn. Tired, used and well above the legal limitation, he takes a left that ought to have been a right and all of a sudden discovers himself speeding to a lady standing directly in his course. In a fit of panic, he strikes and runs, leaving her depending on the street- bleeding and thirty-four weeks pregnant.

The High Cost of Living Movie

Nathalie wakes in the medical facility just to discover her brilliant future ruined, and the baby she is still bring, dead. With her health in delicate condition, the physicians choose to delay the shipment in order to provide her time to recuperate.

Therefore Nathalie is sent out house with her hubby Michel, delegated bring the stillborn kid as she attempts to restore her health.


Throughout town in a rundown Chinatown house, Henry attempts to bear his own concern. With his conscience weighing greatly, he combs the news however discovers absolutely nothing, and lastly chooses to take matters into his own hands. He employs his teenage neighbor, Johnny, and sends him out to find the lady’s fate.

Over the next week, Nathalie has a hard time to come to terms with the loss. However all over she looks she sees pointers of the kid, and Michel – too tense and mentally bereft to handle the disaster – provides her little assistance. As the days pass the stress takes its toll, and the baby that was expected to conserve the marital relationship, is all of a sudden ruining it.

Nathalie pregnant

However as her life deciphers, Nathalie stumbles throughout Henry, a not likely guardian angel who has actually lastly discovered her thread. Henry is everything that Michel is not – caring, lovely and amusing and Nathalie discovers a welcome relief in the rumpled complete stranger that appears just too prepared to provide her sanctuary.

However that sanctuary is not all that it appears. Henry’s previous misbehaviours are capturing up, and he quickly finds that the authorities are progressively surrounding the incorrect suspect. With Johnny in risk and Nathalie in requirement, Henry discovers himself in a progressively precarious position as he attempts to disregard his growing sensations for the lady he ran over.

When the reality lastly surface areas, the unavoidable accident will require both Henry and Nathalie to face loss, love and labour, and to eventually choose whether the cost of living deserves the cost.