Henry ( Zach Braff )

Henry is his own poetic invention—a scotch-tape man of many words and many mistakes.

He lives his life with reckless abandon and thinks little of the consequences, completely unaware that the years are catching up with him. A New Yorker by birth, he ended up in Montréal by accident and unexpectedly found himself a home.

A charming contradiction, Henry’s actions and intentions are frequently at odds. His lazy morality leads him astray, but his generous heart refuses to let him walk away. He gets tangled up in his own mistakes, tripping and stumbling on his own good intentions as he inevitably compounds the mess.

Henry (Zach Braff)

Johnny ( Julian Lo )

Old enough to drive but still too young to drink, Johnny has a lot of time on his hands. A swaggering teenager, a natural leader and an urban hipster beyond the grasp of his immigrant parents, Johnny is part of a young Asian generation that speaks three languages and loves both hip hop and poutine.

Johnny (Julian Lo)
Michel ( Patrick Labbé )

Self-absorbed and obsessed with his career, Michel takes little notice of the life he leaves behind each morning. His blackberry makes more sense than his wife, and so when their comfortable world starts unraveling, Michel just can’t understand.

Michel (Patrick Labbé)Nathalie ( Isabelle Blais )

Born and raised in Québec, Nathalie belongs to a vibrant, well established Francophone community of well educated professionals. Everyone is married, everyone has children, and everyone’s life is comfortable and secure.

Nathalie has worked hard and chosen well. She has taken few risks, and has built a life that seems destined to work out. But that life leaves little room for an accident, and when her world is torn apart, Nathalie suddenly finds herself questioning her logic.

Nathalie (Isabelle Blais)