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Going Green, Eco Friendly Sex Toys

Eco friendly sex toy

Theycan wreak havoc on sewage systems and aquatic life. There are both hormone-free and hormonal versions of the IUD. Enter your email address: Lubes with glycerin listed as one of the first 3 ingredients: Sign up through the form below and have my posts sent straight to your inbox. Rather than needing batteries, an unexpected expense that quickly adds up and often goes unnoticed, most are now rechargeable or can be plugged into an outlet limiting the money you spend, not to mention the toxic effects disposed batteries have on landfills. Fruits and vegetables like bananas and cucumbers make a simple and inexpensive substitute for a dildo. However, they are not vegan -yep, a lamb had to die for that condom- and do not protect from STDs.

Eco friendly sex toy

Green Materials Glass or metal sex toys are eco-friendly, durable, and often beautifully designed. When making choices about your sex life, look out for your own and your partners best interests with regards to physical and emotional health and family planning. Enter your email address: What make it worse is the fact that they are designed this way, with the manufacturers fully knowing how shoddy they are. Here are some other ecologically responsible alternatives. In terms of planetary health, however, no one really knows how long it takes for a condom to biodegrade and many contain varieties harmful chemicals. Well, long ago, Greenpeace touched-in on this touchy subject. Keeping up to date on materials and being educated will help you avoid products that could be potentially dangerous. Greenpeace has issued warnings about toxins in sex toys over the years , and our guidance in terms of avoiding bodily and environmental harm while exploring sex toys would fall much in line with the advice that weve provided for parents looking for eco-friendly childrens toys. Whatever your condom choice: Sign up through the form below and have my posts sent straight to your inbox. Take your health, that of your friends, and the environment seriously and spread the word whenever you can. If you wouldnt want to eat it, then- well, you get it. Fruits and vegetables like bananas and cucumbers make a simple and inexpensive substitute for a dildo. Lubricants can contain horrible, often petroleum-based chemicals. In closing on this section , heres another groups list of eco-friendly birth control products and tips. Their production process is relatively non-toxic and has little environmental impact, and they will outlast their rubber counterparts many times over. See what fits for you! Save up and only buy sex toys worthy of your cash; if the products constantly being sold are body safe and eco-friendly ones, retailers will take notice and be more likely to keep them in stock, not to mention hopefully shifting their focus from the cheap crap to higher end goods. Mood-setters Lighting To save energy, turn the lights off or rely on the natural light. If you bath or shower when or after you make love, conserve water by sharing the shower! Making things even more scary, studies on breast cancer tumors revealed that tumors themselves consisted of high levels of Parabens which were believed to have been absorbed by the skin, ultimately stimulating tumor growth. For those of you that want to learn more about Phthalates, information can be found through these links: By the way, some of those great vegan condom companies that we mentioned earlier have models with tools for extra built-in stimulation including Sir Richards Condom Company. But, now were giving you an update to our eco-friendly sex tip list.

Eco friendly sex toy

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  1. Bad news for your wallet, health, and the environment. Protection Im starting here because using protection against sexually transmitted diseases STDS and pregnancy is the leading concern for most folks engaging in sex.

  2. There are a plethora of options out there for protecting you and your lover s from both of these things.

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