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Video about lesbian tantric sex tips:

Tantra Chakra Dance with Mare Simone, Certified Tantra Educator & Sex Surrogate

Lesbian tantric sex tips

Lover two imagines receiving her partner's energy through her crown chakra like a waterfall, and allows the energy to descend down her spine. Many people experience this as both a deeply embodied physical and spiritual experience. You may choose to complete the exercise without increased contact. Many lesbians seek to identify ourselves from an inner source of woman wisdom. Grasping or greed doesn't have to do with us personally. When we recognize the Sacred, this attitude informs everything that we do; thus our thoughts, words, and actions are transformed. We are told the man holds the yang and the woman the yin, and, through their sexual union, the energy is balanced. Because it combines the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual, it has the potential to heal old wounds and generate spiritual renewal.

Lesbian tantric sex tips

It is opening to all the senses without any goal, just openness. We can only observe them when we are ready, and find the source of our desire. Click to print Opens in new window Feature image via shutterstock. Awakened sexuality means being fully present in the moment, Simply be aware of your breath and keep your eyes focused on your lover's eyes. It is not necessary to have sexual union with the opposite sex to balance us. Everything exists in relationship to everything else. It is the consciousness that we bring to our sexual acts that makes them sacred, whether we are making love to ourselves or with a partner. Be sensitive to any energy changes. Yet, no matter how intensely satisfying our sexual communion may be, its bliss is limited. Sexuality is at the core of our physical, mental, and emotional nature. Orgasm isn't always the goal. It is finding the balance of sacred life energy within each human being. We can learn to work with the energy of desire. Our lives and our work can become expressions of this wisdom and power. Women often have an easier time than men in realizing the connection between our bodies and the body of the planet, the body of the universe. The word tantra means continuation, thread or link. It is a sensation of being thrilled to be alive. One of them is that we benefit from sharing knowledge. With each act of loving we can embrace this deep inner space and explore the possibility of returning to our original perfection. The ordinary experience of sexual pleasure can afford us a momentary glimpse of the bliss that constitutes our ultimate nature. Please feel free to adapt this exercise to physical abilities and desires. We may get angry when things don't go our way, or we may escape into fantasy. Whether or not we have sexual partners depends on many factors, including our circumstances, our karma and our life purpose. It is sacred space. When you feel grounded, allow that image to dissolve and without losing your grounding become sensitive to the sensation of your back touching your lover's back. Moon covers the basics like communication; anatomy; sex with fingers, mouths, and toys; safer sex; identity; love and more, structured around a road trip story.

Lesbian tantric sex tips

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  1. We are physical, sensate beings; our needs and desires whether expressed or suppressed are never-ending. Simply be aware of your breath and keep your eyes focused on your lover's eyes.

  2. It flows from an openness to the creative energy of the universe. Without losing the sense of this circle of energy, the lovers slowly turn to face one another.

  3. I open out into the universe and there is no gap or separation between me and the universe.

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