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Bill would establish ways for sex offenders to petition for removal

Nc public sex offender registry

The presence of the parent or guardian has been requested by the principal or his or her designee for any other reason relating to the welfare or transportation of the child. The institution of higher education may receive a written report upon payment of reasonable duplicating costs and mailing costs. The request to terminate the satellite-based monitoring requirement and to terminate the accompanying requirement of unsupervised probation may not be submitted until at least one year after the offender: Duty to report noncompliance of a sex offender; penalty for failure to report in certain circumstances. The Department of Public Safety shall provide each sheriff with the ability to generate the report from the statewide registry.

Nc public sex offender registry

The sheriff shall release any other relevant information that is necessary to protect the public concerning a specific person, but shall not release the identity of the victim of the offense that required registration under this Article. Receipt of notification shall be presumed to be the date indicated by the certified mail receipt. The sheriff shall also immediately forward the information included in the notification to the Department of Public Safety, and the Department of Public Safety shall inform the appropriate state official in the state to which the registrant moves of the person's notification and new address. Frequency of reporting may range from once a day passive to near real-time active. The court shall hold the hearing and make findings of fact pursuant to G. The offense is committed in the State for purposes of determining jurisdiction, if the transmission that constitutes the offense either originates in the State or is received in the State. The petitioner has not been arrested for any crime that would require registration under Article 27A since completing the sentence. Registry information for any juvenile enrolled in the local school administrative unit shall be forwarded to the local board of education. Request for termination of satellite-based monitoring requirement. If the intermediate sentence includes a required period of imprisonment, the offender shall not be required to be enrolled in the satellite-based monitoring program during the period of imprisonment. The institution of higher education may receive a written report upon payment of reasonable duplicating costs and mailing costs. Otherwise, resident offenders shall register within three business days of release from a jail or prison, or upon arrival in a county to live, outside a jail or prison. If the voting place is a school, then the person subject to subsection a shall notify the principal of the school that he or she is registered under this Article. The offender shall be allowed to present to the court any evidence that the district attorney's evidence is not correct. File with Criminal Information Network. The licensee for each licensed day care center and the principal of each elementary school, middle school, and high school shall register with the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry to receive e-mail notification when a registered sex offender moves within a one-mile radius of the licensed day care center or school. If the person fails to report in person and provide the written verification as provided by this section, the sheriff shall make a reasonable attempt to verify that the person is residing at the registered address. The public will be able to access the statewide registry to view an individual registration record, a part of the statewide registry, or all of the statewide registry. The term "registrant" means a person who is registered, or is required to register, under this Article. Whether the person still uses or intends to use any online identifiers last reported to the sheriff. An entity that complies with the criteria developed by the Department of Public Safety regarding the release and use of the online identifier information and pays the fee may screen new users or compare its database of registered users to the list of online identifiers of persons in the statewide registry as frequently as the Department of Public Safety may allow for the purpose of identifying a registered user associated with an online identifier contained in the statewide registry. The term also includes the following if the person convicted of the following is not the minor's parent: If the court grants the petition to terminate the registration requirement, the clerk of court shall forward a certified copy of the order to the Department of Public Safety to have the person's name removed from the registry. Discontinuation of registration requirement. However, the study of the defendant and whether the defendant is a sexually violent predator shall be conducted by a board of experts selected by the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice of the Department of Public Safety.

Nc public sex offender registry

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