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Hypersexual Disorder

Psycology sex issues

In some cases women experiencing pain during sex may have vaginismus - a distressing condition characterised by an involuntary spasm of the muscles that surround the entrance of the vagina. Orgasm is still experienced but there will be no, or little semen. A sex problem, or sexual dysfunction refers to a difficulty that occurs during any phase of the sexual response cycle. Orgasm disorders — delay or absence of orgasm. Is sex actually painful for one of the partners? The prognosis is positive for dysfunction related to a medical or psychological condition that can be treated or reversed. Retrograde ejaculation - The least common of the three, this condition is where the sperm travels backwards and enters the bladder instead of passing through the urethra and head of the penis.

Psycology sex issues

Diabetes, heart and vascular disease, neurological disorders, hormone imbalances, chronic diseases e. The couples work can also address different attitudes that each member of the couple has towards sex, intimacy, and sexual material. Many of these issues can be worked out in individual therapy. They have developed effective treatments for many common conditions: These encourage the re-examination of deep-set sexual assumptions and beliefs, and in a good therapeutic relationship between client and therapist, there will be the opportunity to find answers and develop a healthier relationship with sex and sexual intimacy. Other times, people are unhappy with other areas of their life such as work, stress, obligations, and this plays out with lack of intimacy. The second stage increases the touch options to include breasts. Common sex problems Although there is a wide range of sex problems, which may affect each individual differently, generally we are all likely to face similar issues within our gender. They can help the individual learn to handle sensation for longer and longer periods of time. These in turn can augment low self-esteem and thus the cycle continues. Delayed or premature ejaculation Premature ejaculation: Often resolving these issues will help to resolve sexual tensions and distance between the couple. While some strongly prefer the face to face interaction, it is wonderful that individuals and couples have more options to address these issues before they damage their relationships. Much of the time, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is a symptom of anxiety. Because treatment is available, it is important to share any sexual concerns with your partner and health care provider. Are sexual issues preventing true connection and closeness? Mild dysfunction that is related to stress, fear, or anxiety can often be successfully treated with psychotherapy, psychoeducation and improved communication within the relationship. While the causes still aren't understood, treatment works in almost all cases. The phase of arousal, where the person feels pleasure and has corresponding physical changes in the body. Adapted from the Encyclopedia of Psychology share this page: Psychoeducation about sex, and sexual behaviors and responses, may help individuals to overcome any anxieties they may have about sexual function. Therapy can also include behavioural training. Mindfulness-based strategies help an individual separate themselves from their thoughts and become more present in their experiences. Erectile dysfunction ED Erectile dysfunction ED is the inability to get and keep an erection for sexual intercourse. For example, relaxation strategies can be used to reduce anxiety about performance, and can also be effective in reducing pain during intercourse.

Psycology sex issues

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