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Sex as a cure

And we're not simply making this up. You can burn around 85 calories in a half hour by fooling around together. Scientist at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that having sex 1 or 2 times a week received a nice little boost to their immune system. Even more impressive, some 20 percent claimed that their headache had been cured by sex. Who'd have thought it?

Sex as a cure

So put the painkillers away, and get into the bedroom the next time you have a migraine. You know what to do. Sex helps you live longer, makes you smarter, improves your health, wards off the common cold, banishes depression and more. As if you need an excuse, here are 15 things that sex cures, can help prevent, or makes a heck of a lot better. He reported that, according to his research, men and women who had an active sex life looked 5 to 7 years younger than their real age. Who'd have thought it? To begin with, sex is exercise. Well sex stimulates production of a germ fighting antigen with the unpronounceable name of Immuunoglobulin A that helps to ward off infection. It's down to a hormone called endorphine, the brain's natural pain killer, that is released during sex. Fesmire, has cited two sure-fire hiccup cures. So, not exactly a cure for the common cold, but it's a start. Apparently, it helps make you calmer at work too. They were not quite certain why, but said something about the mental and physical benefits of sex. The deep, conscious breathing, which oxygenates the blood, creates feelings of calm. Anti-aging is also about feeling young, and how young we feel ultimately impacts how young we look. So, do that 42 times and you have burned nearly 3,, and maybe lose a pound. You may enjoy sex, but did you know it can cure what ails you, from headaches to high blood pressure and back again? It's massaging where the sun doesn't shine. Apparently, men who have sex more than 2 times a week are 45 percent less likely to develop serious heart conditions than men who have sex less than once a month. It's all those feel-good hormones that are swimming about in the aftermath. Amy Wechsler, New York dermatologist from the Weill Cornell Medical College, chemicals that give the skin a youthful glow are released in the body during intercourse. And it's because sex can help release your creative energy. It's got something to do with the stimulation of the vagus nerve. Virtually all of this is backed up by experts, scientists, or academics, and by endless studies. Researchers have even found that creative energy increases with the number of sexual partners one has.

Sex as a cure

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  1. In , researchers at the New England Research Institute announced the result of a study of 1, men. He reported that, according to his research, men and women who had an active sex life looked 5 to 7 years younger than their real age.

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