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Prof. Shan Ratnam & sex change ops in S'pore (1974)

Sex change wiki

A school of clownfish is always built into a hierarchy with a female fish at the top. Lubrication is needed when having sex and occasional douching is advised so that bacteria do not start to grow and give off odors. This cooling will produce a chicken with a fully functioning and reproductively fertile female body-type; even though the chicken is genetically male. Transsexualism and Sex reassignment surgery Humans are most commonly said to have "a sex change" when they undergo sex reassignment therapy , that is, a set of medical procedures undergone by transsexual people to alter their sexual characteristics from male to female or from female to male. This transition is limited to making the bird phenotypically male.

Sex change wiki

In the absence of a functional left ovary, the dormant right sex organ may begin to grow, if the activated right gonad is an ovotestis or testes, it will begin secreting androgens. The patient, an infantry soldier who identifies as a woman, had already begun a course of treatment for gender reassignment. The aesthetic, sensational, and functional results of vaginoplasty vary greatly. When she dies, the most dominant male changes sex and takes her place. This means that they are unable to bear children or menstruate until a uterus transplant is performed, and that they will need to remain on hormone therapy after their surgery to maintain female hormonal status. Normally, female chickens have just one functional ovary, on their left side. Although two sex organs are present during the embryonic stages of all birds, once a chicken's female hormones come into effect, it typically develops only the left ovary. The degree of sexual ambiguity varies widely in persons with incomplete AIS. Natural sex change, in both directions, has also been reported in mushroom corals. Some surgeons prefer to do most of the crafting of the outer vulva as a second surgery, when other tissues, blood and nerve supplies have recovered from the first surgery. As a result, the person has some or all of the physical characteristics of a female, despite having the genetic makeup of a male. She was a strong advocate for the rights of transgender people. Surgeons vary considerably in their techniques and skills, patients' skin varies in elasticity and healing ability which is affected by age, nutrition, physical activity and smoking , any previous surgery in the area can impact results, and surgery can be complicated by problems such as infections, blood loss, or nerve damage. She transitioned and had surgery in the mids, and successfully fought to have transgender people recognized in their new sex. This process is often much more important to transgender people than the medical procedures themselves, although medically induced changes and surgeries may be needed to make a change of gender role possible, both socially and legally; they can also have a very significant impact on the person's well-being. Because of the risk of vaginal stenosis the narrowing or loss of flexibility of the vagina , [3] [4] any current technique of vaginoplasty requires some long-term maintenance of volume vaginal dilation , by the patient, using medical graduated dilators to keep the vagina open. This transition is limited to making the bird phenotypically male. If the patient has been circumcised removal of the foreskin , or if the surgeon's technique uses more skin in the formation of the labia minora , the pubic hair follicles are removed from some of the scrotal tissue, which is then incorporated by the surgeon within the vagina. Daily dilation of the vagina for six months in order to prevent stenosis is recommended among health professionals. The procedure, which the treating doctor deemed medically necessary, was performed on November 14 at a private hospital, since U. A clitoris fully supplied with nerve endings innervated can be formed from part of the glans of the penis. In extreme cases of shortage of skin, or when a vaginoplasty has failed, a vaginal lining can be created from skin grafts from the thighs or hips, or a section of colon may be grafted in colovaginoplasty. Surgeon's requirements, procedures, and recommendations vary enormously in the days before and after, and the months following, these procedures. Vaginoplasty When changing anatomical sex from male to female, the testicles are removed, and the skin of foreskin and penis is usually inverted, as a flap preserving blood and nerve supplies a technique pioneered by Sir Harold Gillies in , to form a fully sensitive vagina vaginoplasty. History[ edit ] Lili Elbe was the first known recipient of male-to-female sex reassignment surgery, in Germany in The term is also sometimes used for the medical procedures intersex people undergo, or, more often, are subjected to as children.

Sex change wiki

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  1. Incomplete AIS can include other disorders such as Reifenstein syndrome which is associated with breast development in men.

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