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Sex for wome

Keep in mind that this is a very general outline of what happens to each of us as we become sexually aroused. A "sex flush" may appear on the stomach , chest, shoulders, neck or face. The inner labia lips change color although it's a bit hard to notice. Men typically reach orgasm first during intercourse, while women may take up to 15 minutes to get to the same place. The outer lips, inner lips, clitoris and sometimes breasts begin to swell.

Sex for wome

The penis returns to its normal flaccid state. It can last from a few minutes to a half-hour or longer. This stage is generally longer for women than men. Plateau The changes that started in the excitement phase continue to progress. The inner labia lips change color although it's a bit hard to notice. Resolution This phase is a return to the normal resting state. There is no distinct beginning or end to each phase -- they're actually all part of a continuous process of sexual response. Muscle tension and blood -vessel engorgement reach a peak. The first third of the vaginal walls contract rhythmically every eight-tenths of a second. First, seminal fluid collects in the urethral bulb. The penis becomes fully erect. Swelling recedes, any sex flush disappears, and there is a general relaxation of muscle tension. Breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure continue to rise. The penis becomes slightly erect. The tissues of the walls of the outer third of the vagina swell with blood , and the opening to the vagina narrows. Orgasm This is the climax of the cycle. The vaginal lips become puffier. Combine this with some good communication skills, and you've found the key to unlock sexual pleasure and your heart's desires. It is also the shortest of the four phases, usually only lasting a few seconds. There is usually a refractory period, where it's impossible to orgasm again until a certain amount of time has passed. Heart rate , blood pressure and breathing are all accelerated. In women who've had children, the color turns from bright red to deep purple. A "sex flush" may appear on the stomach , chest, shoulders, neck or face. By Deb Levine, MA From the WebMD Archives While most of us are sure that we like to have sex , most of us also haven't spent much time thinking about what happens physiologically while we are engaged in the act. This is when a man may have the sensation that orgasm is certain, or "ejaculatory inevitability. Understanding what's happening to you and your partner's bodies during sex can only aid in the full enjoyment of the experience.

Sex for wome

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