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[Dancing9S3] Kiss Performance! Han Sunchun&Lee Jieun’s powerful and sexy stage - Blue Eye EP.07

Sex idol 3

Every phone freezes up every once in a while. Android no longer needed a hero phone anymore; the 4 and 5 did the job as blueprints for device makers and now its mission was complete. It's an excellent phone, but its price isn't very Nexus-like: For the most part, the Idol 3 runs a near stock version of Android 5. The front-facing speakers are nice and loud and, while I didn't ever pick up the phone upside down, it's cool knowing that I could if I wanted to. Plenty of punch Image:

Sex idol 3

I actually like the Fisher-Price look to the icons and the animation changes — they're playful and approachable. Well, if you miss the cheap feature-packed Nexus phones of yore, there's good news: Every phone freezes up every once in a while. On many phones, you find all kinds of camera modes you'd never care for, but on the Idol 3, there are only the basics: Despite not being available in the U. This close-up shows how crips pics can be. Video recording tops out at p resolution at 30 frames per second. The red building and traffic lights here are actually not as deep in real life. The phone's also really light. It certainly no Galaxy S6 , but it's not flimsy, either. It's a good thing Alcatel didn't screw up the camera then. The Idol 3's plastic is brushed to appear as if it's made of metal. The storage is expandable via a microSD card slot. The Idol 3 has a megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash and an 8-megapixel selfie camera on the front. Save for a few icon changes and software tweaks, it's a near stock Android experience. There's nothing about the smartphone that knocks you off your socks, which is why Alcatel probably felt compelled to throw in something a little special. The 2, milliamp-hour mAh battery is also a top performer — it lasted a full day and sometimes a day and a half on a single charge. The autofocus is just as fast, although it can sometimes miss Image: Then in , Google switched gears with the Nexus 6. More useful would have been a landscape mode. The same goes for the volume rocker on the right side. For the most part, the Idol 3 runs a near stock version of Android 5. It's an excellent phone, but its price isn't very Nexus-like: All you need to know is that Sony makes the best smartphone image sensors the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 use them. Reversible mode By itself, the Idol 3 is a great and affordable, if not generic smartphone. A great camera is not icing on the cake in , it's the damn cake batter — if the camera sucks, it doesn't matter how amazing the rest of the phone is.

Sex idol 3

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