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Invention for No-Mess Period Sex?

Sex sponges

The contraceptive sponge is a vaginal barrier method that prevents pregnancy by keeping sperm from fertilizing an egg that your ovaries make each month. Your health care provider may not recommend a contraceptive sponge if you: Contraceptive sponge Contraceptive sponge A contraceptive sponge is a soft, disk-shaped device made of polyurethane foam that contains spermicide. In fact, spermicides are not recommended for women who have multiple daily acts of intercourse because the irritation may increase the risk of acquiring HIV. If torn, run a finger around the upper part of your vagina to sweep out any remaining pieces of the sponge. Douching is not recommended after intercourse, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends women not douche at all. We give out free sponges if we see you in our clinics or at your place of work. If you use the sponge and experience any burning, itching, redness, rash or irritation, stop using the sponge and contact your health care provider. The contraceptive sponge is inserted in the vagina before sex to prevent pregnancy.

Sex sponges

Try to stay calm Squatting down can help you to remove the sponge Removing it when you feel more relaxed, maybe after a bath or shower If you cannot get it out call us or go to a sexual health clinic, an NHS Walk in Centre or your GP where they will remove the sponge for you. Very rarely women develop Toxic Shock Syndrome when using sponges or tampons. The dimple also lowers the chances that the sponge will move out of place during sexual intercourse. You can insert the sponge just before you have sex OR up to 24 hours ahead of time. You do not need to change the sponge between customers. The contraceptive sponge is a vaginal barrier method that prevents pregnancy by keeping sperm from fertilizing an egg that your ovaries make each month. Discard the used sponge. In these cases, nonoxynol-9 can irritate the tissue, which leads to an increased risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The contraceptive sponge covers the cervix and is held in place by vaginal muscles. The dimple side of the sponge should face your cervix and the loop should face away from your cervix. The contraceptive sponge can prevent pregnancy but doesn't protect against sexually transmitted infections STIs. How effective is the contraceptive sponge against pregnancy? If you are unsure whether or not you have removed the sponge please call us or come to one of our clinics, or call NHS Direct for local services on 46 It is important to remove the sponge after use. Make sure that the sponge is in one piece after you have removed it. Push the sponge into your vagina until it is in contact with your cervix which is at the top of your vagina. In Hatcher, Robert A. Slip a finger between the contraceptive sponge and your cervix on one side to break any suction. Then throw it away. Check the sponge for any tearing. Spermicide[ edit ] Sponges are a physical barrier, trapping sperm and preventing their passage through the cervix into the reproductive system. The spermicide is an important component of pregnancy prevention; each brand offers a different formula. If you can't find the strap, bear down or grasp the contraceptive sponge between your thumb and forefinger and pull. Point the folded contraceptive sponge toward your vagina and use one or two fingers to slide the sponge into your vagina as far up as it will go. You can use a sponge when you are having a period and working.

Sex sponges

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